Fifth European Workshop on OpenMP

Part I: OMPtalks

Aachen, Germany

September 22-23, 2003

Slides and papers of OMPtalks are available online now!

Slides of OMPlab are available online now!


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    This first part of the workshop continues the tradition of past editions and similar events and will bring together users, developers and researchers from academia, public and private research institutions and industry to share information, experiences and explore novel ideas around OpenMP.
    It will be an excellent opportunity of meeting and discussing with experts in the field of OpenMP programming. Topics of interest include:
    • Applications (development experiences, case studies, multiplatform development and performance portability, comparisons with other approaches such as MPI, mixed OpenMP/MPI programming, novel application fields)
    • Programming model (compilation and optimization techniques, proposal for and evaluation of language extensions, runtime support)
    • Tools (compilers, debuggers and performance analysis tools, OpenMP implementations, benchmarking and performance studies)
Important Dates
    April 16 Call for papers and participation
    June 29 Deadline for submission of extended abstracts for OMPtalks (~ 5 pages).
    June 29 Deadline for submission of short abstracts for a poster presentation (~ 1 page).
    July 21 Notification of authors about accepted papers for OMPtalks.
    July 21 Notification of authors about accepted posters.
    August 4 End of early registration period
    August 26 Final camera-ready papers are due.
    September 15 Deadline for installing tools and applications for OMPlab
    September 15 End of late registration period. Onsite registration will be possible. Payment in cash only.
    September 22-23 EWOMP'03 part I: OMPtalks
    September 24-26 EWOMP'03 part II: OMPlab

    The registration (SSL) is open. It is handled by the Aachen tourist office.
    (You can use the unsecure non-SSL version, in case the SSL-version doesn't work for you)
    Onsite registration will be possible, payment must be in cash in this case.

      early registration fee for cOMPunity members 215 EUR
      early registration fee for non cOMPunity members
      (including one cOMPunity individual annual membership)
      250 EUR
      early registration fee for undergraduate and graduate students 150 EUR
      late registration fee 300 EUR

    The registration fee includes access to presentations, printed workshop proceedings, refreshments and lunches. The workshop dinner on the evening of September 22nd and a guided tour of the Cathedral of Aachen are also included.

    Students are requested to provide an affirmation of their advisor.
    Extended abstracts not larger than 5 pages are to be submitted to by June 29.
    Upon acceptance the authors are asked to submit their final papers for the workshop proceedings by August 26. They may be up to 10 pages in length and must be in Acrobat .pdf (prefered), postscript or Word .doc format.
    All submissions should be sent to
    The proceedings of the presented papers will be distributed at the workshop.
    As in previous editions, EWOMP'03 will publish extended versions of selected papers in a special issue of Scientific Programming.


EWOMP '03 Part I: OMPtalks
Mon, Sept 22, 2003 Tue, Sept 23, 2003
8:30 registration 8:30 registration

9:00 Session 1: Introduction

9:00 Welcome
Dieter an Mey

 9:10 cOMPunity (Slides)
Barbara Chapman (UH, cOMPunity)

9:30 Invited talk: OpenMP: What next? (Slides)
Sanjiv Shah (Intel, OpenMP ARB)

9:00 Session 5: Applications

9:00 Invited talk: OpenMP and the Gaussian  Quantum Chemisty Package -    Experiences, Limitations and Future Prospects (Abstract, Slides)
Allistair Rendell (ANU)

10:00 Intervals and OpenMP: Towards an Efficient Parallel Result-Verifying Nonlinear Solver (Slides, Paper)
Thomas Beelitz, Christian H. Bischof, Bruno Lang

10:30 coffee break 10:20 coffee break

11:00 Session 2: Miscellaneous

11:00 A portable C compiler for OpenMP V2.0 (Slides, Paper)
Vassilios V. Dimakopoulos, Elias Leontiadis, George Tzoumas

11:20 An OpenMP Validation Suite (Slides, Paper)
Matthias Müller, Pavel Neytchev

11:40 Interactive Parallelizing Assistance Tool for OpenMP iPat/OMP (Slides, Paper)
Makoto Ishihara, Hiroki Honda, Toshitsugu Yuba, Mitsuhisa Sato

12:05 Point-to-Point Synchronisation on Shared Memory Architectures (Slides, Paper)
J. Mark Bull, Carwyn Ball

12:30 Automatic Relative Debugging of OpenMP Programs (Paper)
Gregory Matthews, Robert Hood, Haoqiang Jin, Stephen Johnsen, Cos Ierotheou

10:50 Session 6: Improving OpenMP Application Performance

10:50 "An Implementation of the POMP Performance Monitoring Interface for OpenMP Based on Dynamic Probes" (Slides, Paper)
Luis A. DeRose, Bernd Mohr, Seetharami Seelam

11:15 A Cache Simulation Environment for OpenMP (Slides, Paper)
Jie Tao, Thomas Brandes, Michael Gerndt

11:35 Evaluation OpenMP Performance Analysis Tools with the APART Test Suite (Slides, Paper)
Michael Gerndt, Bernd Mohr, Jesper Larsson Traeff

11:55 Compiler Support and Performance Tuning of OpenMP Programs on Sun Fire Servers (Slides, Paper)
Myungho Lee, Larry Meadows, Darryl Gove, Dominic Paulraj, Sanjay Goil, Brian Whitney, Nawal Copty, Yonghong Song

12:10 Analysis of OpenMP and MPI codes on Sun Fire Systems (Slides, Paper)
Larry Meadows, Sanjay Goil, Myungho Lee, Dominic Paulraj, Brian Whitney

12:25 OMP AMMP analysis with Sun ONE Studio 8 (Slides, Paper)
Brian J. N. Wylie, Darry J. Gove

13:00 lunch 12:55 lunch

14:30 Session 3: OpenMP Programming Practice

14:30 Invited talk: Unlocking the Power of OpenMP (Slides, Paper)

Stefano Salvini (NAG)

15:30 Two OpenMP Programming Patterns (Slides, Paper)
Dieter an Mey

15:50 Reduction on arrays: comparison of performances between different algorithms (Slides, Paper)
Simone Meloni, Alessandro Federico, Mario Rosati

14:30 Session 7: Hybrid Parallelization

14:30 Hybrid Parallel Programming on HPC Platforms (Slides, Paper)
Rolf Rabensseifner

15:00 Comparing the OpenMP, MPI, and Hybrid Programming (Slides, Paper)
Paradigm on an SMP Cluster
Gabriele Jost, Haoqiang Jin,
Dieter an Mey, Ferhat Hatay

15:20 A Hybrid MPI-OpenMP implementation of the
Conjugate Gradient Method in Java (Paper)
H. Martin Buecker, Bruno Lang,
Hans Joachim Pflug, Andreas Wolf

16:00 coffee break 15:40 coffee break

16:30 Session 4: OpenMP on Distributed Memory Architectures

16:30 OpenMP on the FDSM software distributed shared memory (Slides, Paper)
Hiroya Matsuba, Yutaka Ishikawa

16:55 OpenMP for Clusters (Slides, Paper)
Lei Huang, Barbara Chapman

17:15 "Performance Analysis and Improvement of OpenMP
on Software Distributed Shared Memory Systems " (Paper) - this talk was cancelled -
Huang Chun, Yang Xuejun

17:35 Kerrighed: An SSI Cluster OS Running OpenMP (Slides, Paper)
David Margery, Geoffroy Valée, Renaud Lottiaux, Christine Morin, Jean-Yves Berthou

17:55 Exploiting task and data parallelism (Slides, Paper)
Jose Rodriguez-Rosa, Antonio J. Dorta, Casiano Rodriguez, Francisco de Sande

16:10 Session 8: Panel discussion
What are the necessary ingredients of scalable OpenMP programming ?

Wolfgang Nagel (ZHR) (Slides)

Eduard Ayguade (Slides),
Mark Bull,
Barbara Chapman (Slides),
Alistair Rendell (Slides),
Mitsuhisa Sato,
Stefano Salvini (Video (95 MB),Slides),
Sanjiv Shah (Slides)

18:15 end of day 18:15 end of OMPtalks
20:30 social dinner, restaurant Zweistromland 19:30 Guided tour Cathedral of Aachen

   Thank you
    Dieter an Mey
      phone: +49-241-8024377 (mobile within the Center)
      mobile: +49-175-2609782 (Sept. 21 - 26 only)
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