Fifth European Workshop on OpenMP

Travel Information

Aachen University, Germany

September 22-26, 2003

A new detailed city map for download (pdf, 415 KB)

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Travel Information
How to get to Aachen
   by plane
   by train
    Travelling to Aachen by plane:

    Airport Code Distance Connections to Aachen Central Station time (hours) costs (EUR)
    Düsseldorf DUS 90 km All local trains (S7) leaving downstairs in the airport terminal building go through Düsseldorf Central Station (Hauptbahnhof=HBf) (direction Sohlingen-Ohligs). Change trains in Düsseldorf central station with direction to Aachen. 1:30 - 2:00 15 - 20
    A shuttle bus or the sky train within the airport area takes you to the airport's long distance train terminal. Depending on the train connection you choose, you'll have to change trains in Düsseldorf and/or Cologne central station (Hauptbahnhof) 1:30 - 2:00 15 - 20
    Airport Express shuttle bus 12 daily connections to the Aachen city center 1:00 - 1:30 ~20
    Cologne (Köln/Bonn) CGN 85 km A shuttle bus connects the airport to the Cologne central train station 2 - 5 times per hour between 5:00 and 24:00 (20 min., 5 EURO ) and there are many train connections between Cologne and Aachen. 1:30 - 2:00 15 - 20
    Airport Express shuttle bus 4 daily connections to the Aachen city center 1:00 - 1:30 ~20
    Frankfurt (engl.) FRA 250 km Look out for the long distance train terminal inside the airport buildings. There are frequent fast train connections to Cologne and a few direct connections to Aachen 2:00 - 2:30 55 - 60
    Brussels BRU 143 km You have to change trains either in Brussels North or Central station depending on your train connection.
    ATTENTION: Latest daily train connection at about 19:30 departure time
    ~2:30 ~35

    Travelling to Aachen by train (from the airports):

    Traveling to Aachen, you typically have to change trains in Düsseldorf Central Station (Hauptbahnhof=HBf) or in Cologne Central Station.
    If you want to get to the Computing Center directly, I recommend taking the train to Aachen West, which is a 3-5 minutes walk to the center.
    Coming through Cologne you may have to change train in Aachen Central Station. From there to Aachen West it is just one stop.
    Most of the trains coming from Düsseldorf have a stop in Aachen West.
    If you want to get to your Hotel first, you should get off the train at the Central Station. There are plenty of local busses and taxis available. Walking distance to the hotels is between 5 and 30 minutes.)
    • Search your connection using the Online Timetables
    • Tickets for short distance connections can easily be bought using a slot machine. Enter the 4-digit code of your target destination. The default ticket is for one adult person. Just press the green button and insert the required amount of money. Surplus money will be returned.
    • In the Central Stations you can get information and buy tickets at a counter of the "DB ReiseZentrum"
    • In the Central Stations you need to know on which track your train will leave. Look out for the large yellow posters with the Departure Information. In Düsseldorf there are separate posters for long distance trains ("ohne S-Bahn") and for the local trains ("S-Bahn")

    A personal recommendation:
    If you do not have a direct flight connection to Düsseldorf or Cologne, I recommend to fly to Frankfurt and take the train via Cologne to Aachen.
    Enjoy a pleasant travel at 300 km/h max. in a brand new high-speed train between Frankfurt Airport and Cologne. If you have a little spare time, take the opportunity for a short break in Cologne: The famous cathedral is right beside the central station, it is only a short walk to the bank of the Rhine river and there are plenty of shopping opportunities.

    There is some more travel information available on the CCC web site (German).
    Those traveling by car may want to look at another detailled map.

Housing Information
    We pre-reserved a limited number of rooms in the following list of hotels through the Aachen tourist office. Note that not all hotels are available through the whole week.
    Please, make your own room reservations through the Aachen tourist office's registration web site.
    We strongly suggest that you register and make your room reservations in advance before the early registration deadline.
    If you plan to check in later than 19:00, you'll have to notify the reception desk.

    Hotel Adress
    Ibis Aachen Marschiertor ** Superior
  • distance to central station 0.2 km
  • available between Sept 21 and Sept 26
  • Friedlandstraße 8
    52064 Aachen
    Ibis Aachen Normaluhr ** Superior
  • distance to central station 0.3 km
  • available between Sept 21 and Sept 26
  • Zollernstraße 2
    52070 Aachen
    Hotel Am Marschiertor ***
  • distance to central station 0.1 km
  • available between Sept 21 and Sept 25
  • Wallstraße 1-7
    52064 Aachen
    Dorint Am Graben ***
  • city center, distance to central station 1.3 km
  • available between Sept 21 and Sept 25
  • Peterstraße 1
    52062 Aachen
    Aquisgrana City Hotel ****
  • city center, distance to central station 1.5 km
  • available between Sept 21 and Sept. 24 (Sept. 26)
  • Buchkremerstraße/Büchel 32
    52062 Aachen

    City map with the mentioned hotels marked:

    A new detailed city map with the mentioned hotels marked for download (pdf, 415 KB)
How to get to the Center

    The first three hotels in the list are close to the Aachen central station (Hauptbahnhof). As the Computing Center is close to the station Aachen-West, it is very convenient to take a train. It is only a one stop ride and takes about 6 minutes. Walking distance would be 45 minutes approximately. In the morning the trains leave the central station at 8:02 (platform 1), 8:14 (platform 2 part a/b), 8:32 (1), 8:38 (3 a/b), 9:02 (platform 1), 9:14 (2 a/b), 9:32 (1), 9:38 (3 a/b), and so on. In the afternoon the trains back leave at the Aachen-West station at 10, 25, 37, 55 minutes after the full hour (always on platform 1).
    You may as well take the bus number 33 from the stop Normaluhr at the upper end of the Theaterstraße (close to the hotel IBIS Normaluhr), which runs 4 times an hour and takes about 15 minutes to the Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße .

    The last two hotels are in the city center. It will take about 25 minutes to walk to the Center. Alternatively you can take the bus number 33, which runs every 15 minutes and takes 8 minutes between Aachen Bushof H.14 and Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße. The central bus station (Bushof) at the Peterstraße is marked with a H in the above map. The H.14 stop is outside of the main building of the bus station in the Kurhausstraße. The busses leave at 11, 26, 41, 56 minutes after the full hour. Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße is the next stop after the bus passes through the tunnel beneath the Aachen-West train station. Going back to the city center the busses leave at the Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße at 8, 23, 38, 53 minutes after the full hour.

    You can always purchase tickets in the bus. Please contact the bus driver.
    Purchase the train tickets in a slot machine or at a counter of the Reisezentrum before you enter the train.

    Find a detailed map of the area around the Computing Center here.

How to get connected

    We plan to provide network access by WLAN (802.11 b), twisted pair (a few), and PCs running the Internet Explorer for E-mail access.

Tourism Information


    Follow this link to get to the Aachen tourist information website
    Here you can find more information about the city of Aachen.
    Currently there is a nice exhibition about Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures around 800 AD called Ex oriente, which takes place in the historic Town Hall, the Cathedral treasury and part of the Cathedral. My recommendation: Start in theTown Hall und hire an AudioGuide.

    The weather in Aachen is usually unpredictable. At that time of the year the temperatures will be most likely between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius. It might be very nice and sunny with colorful leaves, but sometimes it is also grey and rainy. So it is always a good idea to carry an umbrella. If you'll bring one, it might be sunny! Please be prepared to walk 10-15 minutes before and after lunch.

Important Dates
    August 4 End of early registration period (OMPtalks and OMPlab)
    September 22-23 EWOMP'03 part I: OMPtalks
    September 24-26 EWOMP'03 part II: OMPlab

   Thank you
    Dieter an Mey
      phone: +49-241-8024377 (mobile within the Center)
      mobile: +49-175-2609782 (Sept. 21 - 26 only)
      fax: +49-241-8022504
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Travel Information

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