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EWOMP 2000 proceedings


Keynote Speakers

OpenMP on Sparc Solaris: Compilers, Tools, and Performance
Larry Meadows, Sun Microsystems. (Presentation

Extending OpenMP for NUMA Architectures
Jonathan Harris, Compaq Computer Corporation.(Presentation)

OpenMP Fortran 2.0 and Beyond
Sanjiv Shah OpenMP Architecture Review Board (Presentation)


Applications experiences

Domain Decomposition for Parallel Resolution of Constraint Satisfaction Problems with OpenMP
Zineb Habbas, Daniel Singer Université de Metz Michaël Krajecki Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne (Presentation) (Paper)

Programming Shared Memory Architectures with OpenMP: a Case Study
Beniamino Di Martino Second University of Naples Sergio Briguglio, Giuliana Fogaccia, Gregorio Vlad Associazione Euratom-ENEA sulla Fusione (Presentation) (Paper) [Movie (15Mb GIF)

Rapid Parallelisation of the Industrial Modelling Code PZFlex
Rob Baxter, Paul Graham, Michael Bowers
University of Edinburgh John Mould, Greg Wojcik, Dave Vaughan Weidlinger Associates (Presentation) (Paper)



Portable OpenMP Debugging with TotalView

James Cownie Etnus LLC. Shirley Moore
University of Tennessee. (Presentation) (Paper)

Automatic Overheads Profiler for OpenMP Codes
Michael Bane, Graham Riley University of Manchester (Presentation) (Paper)

Interprocedural Parallelizing Compiler WPP and Analysis Information Visualization Tool
Aivi Makoto Satoh, Yuichiro Aoki, Kiyomi Wada, Takayoshi Iitsuka, Sumio Kikuchi Hitachi, Ltd. (Presentation) (Paper)


Language developments and implementations

Distributed OpenMP: Extensions to OpenMP for SMP Clusters
John Merlin The Portland Group, Inc. (Presentation)

Compiler Optimization Techniques for OpenMP Programs
Shigehisa Satoh, Kazuhiro Kusano, Mitsuhisa Sato Real World Computing Partnership (Presentation) (Paper)

Precedence Relations in the OpenMP Programming Model
Marc Gonzalez, José Oliver, Xavier Martorell, Eduard Ayguadé, Jesus Labarta, Nacho Navarro Technical University of Catalonia (Presentation) (Paper)

Nested Parallelism: Allocation of Processors to Tasks and OpenMP Implementations
Ragnhild Blikberg, Tor Sørevik University of Bergen (Presentation) (Paper)

New OpenMP Directives for Irregular Data Access Loops
Jesus Labarta, Eduard Ayguadé, José Oliver CEPBA David Henty University of Edinburgh (Presentation) (Paper)

Towards OpenMP for Java
Mark Bull, Martin Westhead University of Edinburgh Mark Kambites University of York Jan Obdrzálek Masaryk University, Brno (Presentation) (Paper)

Mixed OpenMP/MPI programming

OpenMP and MPI programming with a CG algorithm Philippe Kloos
Philippe Kloos, Fabrice Mathey CEA/DI, CEA Saclay Philippe Blaise CEA/DI, CEA Grenoble (Presentation)(Paper)

From a Vector Computer to an SMP-Cluster - Hybrid Parallelization of the CFD Code PANTA
Dieter an Mey, Stephan Schmidt Aachen University of Technology (Presentation) (Paper)

OpenMP Optimisation of a Parallel MPI CFD Code
Fabrice Mathey, Philippe Kloos CEA/DI, CEA Saclay Philippe Blaise CEA/DI, CEA Grenoble (Paper)


Performance analysis and benchmarking

OpenMP Benchmark using PARKBENCH
Mitsuhisa Sato, Kazuhiro Kusano, Sigehisa Satoh Real World Computing Partnership (Presentation) (Paper)

Defining the Best Parallelization Strategy for a Diphasic Compressible Fluid Mechanics Code
Jean-Yves Berthou, Eric Faucher, Eric Fayolle, Laurent Scliffet Electricité de France (Presentation) (Paper)

Application of OpenMP to Weather, Wave and Ocean Codes
Paolo Malfetti CINECA (Paper)