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Advanced OpenMP Tutorial and OpenMP Minisymposium

at the ParCo 2007 Conference

in Aachen/Jülich September 3-7, 2007

Advanced OpenMP Tutorial, September 3, Aachen

Ruud van der Pas, Sun

"Introduction into OpenMP Programming"

Dieter an Mey, RWTH Aachen Universtity

"OpenMP Case Studies"

Christian Terboven, RWTH Aachen University

"C++ and OpenMP"

Barbara Chapman, University of Houston

"How OpenMP is Compiled"

Ruud van der Pas, Sun Microsystems

"Sun Tools for OpenMP Programming"

Larry Meadows, Intel

"Intel Tools for OpenMP Programming"

OpenMP Minisymposium, September 4, Jülich

J. Mark Bull, EPCC

"Towards OpenMP V3.0"

Larry Meadows, Intel

"OpenMP for Clusters"

Ruud van der Pas, Sun Microsystems

"Getting OpenMP up to Speed"

Van Bui, Oscar Hernandez, Barbara Chapman, Rick Kufrin, Danesh Tafti, Pradeep Gopalkrishnan

"PerfOMP: A Runtime Performance Monitoring API for OpenMP"

Dieter an Mey, Chistian Terboven, RWTH Aachen Universtity

"Affinity Matters! OpenMP on Multicore and ccNUMA Architectures"

Karl Fürlinger, Shirley Moore, U of Tennessee

"Continuous Runtime Profiling of OpenMP Applications"



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