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Newsletter of the OpenMP ARB

Edition: May 2003

This is the monthly newsletter of the OpenMP Architecture Review
Board. It is based on the discussions in the OpenMP ARB conference
calls of the previous month, and on current activities in the
world of OpenMP.

The website of the OpenMP ARB is The web site
of the OpenMP User's Group cOMPunity is 
You can find copies of previous newsletters at:

** OpenMP Tools is discussing which events need to be specified in the
performance tool API.

** EWOMP 2003 will have an hands-on lab session, where participants
can try out new compilers and tools

** The CFP of WOMPEI 2003 has been issued

* OpenMP Tools is discussing which events need to be specified in the
performance tool API.

Sun has come up with alternate proposals for a performance
monitoring interface. They propose either a very minimalist approach,
where we standardise only the mechanism to generate "events" from the
runtime, along with a mechanism to query which events can be generated
from that particular runtime, or a small list of possible events, each
with a specific format in the specification. This compares with the
POMP specification presented at EWOMP '02 (henceforth to be referred
to as the POMPv2 specification), which defines very many events, that
would need to be supported. You can access POMPv02 from
The discussion is now evolving into defining which events would need
to be specified by the interface. 

* Forthcoming OpenMP workshops

June 2-4, 2003: ICCS'03 in Melbourne, Australia 
In addition to a summary of the ongoing work of the ARB, presentations
will focus on issues related to OpenMP applications on large-scale
platforms. Attendees are welcome.

June 26-27, 2003. WOMPAT 2003 in Toronto, Canada
Papers will be published by Springer Verlag in their LNCS series.

September 22-26, 2003, EWOMP 2003 Aachen, Germany
This year's EWOMP is extended to a full week in order to try something
new: After a two days "conventional" workshop part with invited and
contributed talks (Part I: OMPtalks), we want to take the opportunity
of having many OpenMP experts in the fields of compilers, tools and
applications on board, to "get our hands dirty" and to do real work in
a hands-on lab session (Part II: OMPlab).
You are welcome to submit extended abstracts of your presentations up
to 5 pages long by June 10th.

September 2-5, 2003. ParCo 2003 in Dresden, Germany
An OpenMP session is proposed for this year's Parallel Computing

October, 20-22, 2003, WOMPEI 2003 in Tokyo, Japan
See (European site) (Japan site)
Potential participants are encouraged to submit papers for
presentation at the workshop and publication in the ISHPC proceedings. 
The proceedings of ISHPC-V will be published as a volume of Lecture
Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) of Springer-Verlag. All submissions
must be received by 30th May 2003. 

* SPEC OpenMP news

New SPEC OMP2001 and HPC2002 results have been published. Both
benchmark suites contain OpenMP code, thus test OpenMP compilers. You
can view all SPEC OMP results at You
can view all SPEC HPC2002 results at

Copyright OpenMP ARB Corp.
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Dieter an Mey