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Newsletter of the OpenMP ARB

Edition: July 2003

This is the monthly newsletter of the OpenMP Architecture Review
Board. It is based on the discussions in the OpenMP ARB conference
calls of the previous month, and on current activities in the
world of OpenMP.

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** EWOMP 2003 will have an hands-on lab session, where participants
can try out new compilers and tools. Application developers and ISVs
are invited to attend.

** WOMPAT 2003 workshop papers and discussions were very good

** OpenMP Futures discussions are on-going

* OpenMP Futures discussion

We firstly discussed a proposal to include semaphores routines as part
of the OpenMP API. It was mentioned that pthreads condition 
variables could be an alternative, however not all implementations
interact correctly with pthreads. The proposal met with some
opposition. The ARB would like to see a reference or prototype
implementation of a semaphore addition to the API, before considering
such an API addition..

We discussed possible extensions to SCHEDULE. Notable AFFINITY, which
is a combination of static and guided scheduling, SAVE/REUSE, which
originates from HPF+, GENBLOCK and GENMAP, which originate from HPF,
and an AUTOMATIC scheduling, which has been presented at WOMPAT 2003.

* WOMPAT 2003 workshop

WOMPAT in Toronto had a somewhat lower attendance than normal, but the
papers and discussions were both very good.  Vendor participation was

* Forthcoming OpenMP workshops

September 22-26, 2003, EWOMP 2003 Aachen, Germany
This year's EWOMP is extended to a full week in order to try something
new: After a two days "conventional" workshop part with invited and
contributed talks (Part I: OMPtalks), we want to take the opportunity
of having many OpenMP experts in the fields of compilers, tools and
applications on board, to "get our hands dirty" and to do real work in
a hands-on lab session (Part II: OMPlab).

September 2-5, 2003. ParCo 2003 in Dresden, Germany
An OpenMP session is proposed for this year's Parallel Computing

October, 20-22, 2003, WOMPEI 2003 in Tokyo, Japan
See (European site) (Japan site)
The proceedings of ISHPC-V will be published as a volume of Lecture
Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) of Springer-Verlag. 


New SPEC OMP2001 and HPC2002 results are continually being
published. Both benchmark suites contain OpenMP code, and test OpenMP
compilers. You can view all SPEC OMP results at You can view all SPEC HPC2002 results

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