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Newsletter of the OpenMP ARB

Edition: September 2003

This is the monthly newsletter of the OpenMP Architecture Review
Board. It is based on the discussions in the OpenMP ARB conference
calls of the previous month, and on current activities in the
world of OpenMP.

The website of the OpenMP ARB is The web site
of the OpenMP User's Group cOMPunity is 
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** EWOMP 2003 will start soon. It will have an hands-on lab session,
where participants can try out new compilers and tools. Application
developers and ISVs are invited to attend.

** WOMPEI registration is now open. The program is online.

** OpenMP Tools subgroup is developing a formal standards document for
the OpenMP debugger API.

** SPEC HPG is preparing a new release of SPEC OMP2001.

** There will be an OpenMP BOF at SC2003.


* OpenMP Mini-Symposium at ParCo

There was a good Mini-Symposium on OpenMP at this year's ParCo in
Dresden, Germany from September 2-5, with presentations on
applications, language features, compilers and tools.

* The European Workshop on OpenMP starts on Sept 22

September 22-26, 2003, EWOMP 2003 Aachen, Germany
This year's EWOMP is extended to a full week in order to try something
new: After a two days "conventional" workshop part with invited and
contributed talks (Part I: OMPtalks), we want to take the opportunity
of having many OpenMP experts in the fields of compilers, tools and
applications on board, to "get our hands dirty" and to do real work in
a hands-on lab session (Part II: OMPlab).

* The registration of the Workshop on OpenMP in Tokyo is now open

October, 20-22, 2003, WOMPEI 2003 in Tokyo, Japan
The registration is now open.
See for registration and

You will be able to have an experience of Japanese traditional hot
spring (ONSEN) during ISHPC-V.

The proceedings of ISHPC-V will be published as a volume of Lecture
Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) of Springer-Verlag. 

* OpenMP Tools subgroup is developing a formal standards document for
the OpenMP debugger API.

The DMPL document that was presented at WOMPAT will be
converted into a formal standards document for vote at the ARB. The
DMPL document is available for LNCS subscribers at: 
DMPL is a dynamically loaded library interface that provides the
debugger with information needed to support OpenMP applications. The
DMPL interface separates the OpenMP implementation from the
debugger. The interface provides the debugger with all the information
that it needs to present the user with a view of his code both in
terms of the original source and with additional thread details. The
routines supplied by the vendor in the DLL can be linked dynamically
in the debugger allowing callbacks to the debugger. The DLL is an
OpenMP implementation-specific product and its implementation details
are left to the OpenMP implementer.

* SPEC HPG is preparing a new release of SPEC OMP2001.

Since the initial release of the SPEC OMP2001 benchmark suite, several
alternative sources have been proposed for purpose of portability. One
is for allowing C++ compilers to be used, another for file inquiry,
and a third for the namelist data terminator. The new release will
contain these alternative sources, and will also combine the OMPM and
OMPL suites on one CD. Release is planned for SC2003.

New SPEC OMP2001 and HPC2002 results are continually being
published. Both benchmark suites contain OpenMP code, and test OpenMP
compilers. You can view all SPEC OMP results at You can view all SPEC HPC2002 results

* OpenMP Birds-of-a-Feathers Session at SC2003

There will be an OpenMP BOF at the SC2003 conference. SC2003 will be
in Phoenix, Arizona, US this year from 15 to 21 November. The BOF is
planned on 18 November from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm. See the web site:

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