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Newsletter of the OpenMP ARB

Edition: May 2004

This is the monthly newsletter of the OpenMP Architecture Review
Board. It is based on the discussions in the OpenMP ARB conference
calls of the previous month, and on current activities in the
world of OpenMP. You can find general OpenMP-related links
at the tail of the newsletter.


** The OpenMP Tools subgroup is inviting participants

** WOMPAT 2004 has taken place from May 17-20, 2004.

** Merge of OpenMP Fortran, C, and C++ specifications is progressing.


* The OpenMP Tools subgroup is inviting participants

The issues being addressed by the RUNTIME telecon series requires the
persons implementing resource managers and OS schedulers to be

Interested persons are invited to attend. You are invited to
contact the subgroup leader, Bronis de Supinski, at 
for meeting details. 

Interested persons should either work at a member organization of the
ARB (see below for a list), or be a member of cOMPunity, the OpenMP
User's Group. Note that if you have attended an OpenMP Workshop, you
are automatically member of cOMPunity and can attend. You can also see
below for details on other methods of joining cOMPunity.

* WOMPAT 2004 is took place on May 17-20

WOMPAT 2004 took place on May 17-20, 2004 in Houston, TX. The web
site is There was a workshop on
May 17-18, and an OpenMP lab session on May 19-20. More details will
follow in the next newsletter.

* Merge of OpenMP Fortran, C, and C++ specifications is progressing.

A discussion on cross-thread access has been going on. This concerns
the problem of aliasing between shared and private variables, which
could allow a thread to access another thread's private variables. The
discussion is focused on whether this cross-thread access should be
explicitly disallowed, whether it should be allowed, or whether the
behaviour should be unspecified or implementation-defined. A vote in the
OpenMP Language committee resulted that cross-thread access now
results in unspecified behaviour.


The web site of the OpenMP ARB is Current
members are ASCI, EPCC, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Intel, NEC, SGI, and
SUN. You can find copies of previous newsletters at: You can find details on
OpenMP-related resources (tools, books, compilers, general software)

The web site of the OpenMP User's Group cOMPunity is, 
where you can become member online. 

New SPEC OMP2001 and HPC2002 results are continually being published.
Both benchmark suites contain OpenMP code, and test OpenMP compilers.
You can view all SPEC OMP results at
You can view all SPEC HPC2002 results at

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