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Newsletter of the OpenMP ARB

Edition: Fall 2005

This is the quarterly newsletter of the OpenMP Architecture Review
Board. It is based on the discussions in the OpenMP ARB conference
calls of the previous quarter, and on current activities in the
world of OpenMP. You can find general OpenMP-related links
at the tail of the newsletter.


** A competition for OpenMP applications has been set up

** IWOMP 2005 was a successful conference

** IWOMP 2006 will be held in Reims, France.
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** OpenMP 2.5 has been released

** Work has started on OpenMP 3.0


** A competition for OpenMP applications has been set up

For the first time, prizes will be awarded for the most performant and
most original OpenMP implementation at Supercomputing 2005. For
details of the competition, see:
The basis of the contest is the DARPA HPCS Scalable Synthetic
Application #2, Graph Theory (SSCA2). The object of the contest is to
implement this benchmark, following the rules provided in the written
specification, in OpenMP. Three prizes will be awarded:

First prize: $1000 plus a 60GB iPod.
Second prize: $500 plus a 4GB iPod nano.
Third prize: $250 plus a 1GB iPod shuffle.

The winners will be announced at the OpenMP BoF at SC'05.

* IWOMP 2005 was a successful conference


IWOMP is the consolidation of three OpenMP workshops: the European
Workshop on OpenMP (EWOMP), the Workshop on OpenMP Applications and
Tools (WOMPAT), and the Workshop on OpenMP Experiences and
Implementation (WOMPEI).  IWOMP 2005 was the first meeting of the
combined workshops and has being co-sponsored by cOMPunity and the
OpenMP Architecture Review Board (ARB). It took place at the
University of Oregon, in Eugene, Oregon, USA. In keeping with the
objectives and format of the previous workshops,  IWOMP 2005 had
technical papers and panels, tutorials, and a hands-on laboratory
(OMPlab), where OpenMP users and developers can work together and
demonstrate the latest tools.  Also, as the first IWOMP meeting, all
participants had a chance to participate in a IWOMP logo contest.

* IWOMP 2006 will be held at Reims, France.

You can register at the IWOMP 2006 web site to be informed of news and
deadlines. IWOMP 2006 will be held at Reims, France.

See the website

You can also see the new IWOMP logo at the IWOMP2006 web site.

* The OpenMP language specification 2.5 has been released

The merge of OpenMP Fortran, C, and C++ specifications has been
finalized. The specification of OpenMP 2.5 is available on the OpenMP
web site at

** Work has started on OpenMP 3.0

Now that OpenMP 2.5 has been published, it is time to consider OpenMP
3.0. The OpenMP ARB has agreed on a strategy for its development. The
idea is to produce a new specification as quickly as is reasonably
possible, continuing our philosophy of introducing features very
carefully, with either obvious benefits or well proven
implementations. A list of features and priorities that the OpenMP ARB
is considering will be published to some public forum so that
interested parties can comment.


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New SPEC OMP2001 and HPC2002 results are continually being published.
Both benchmark suites contain OpenMP code, and test OpenMP compilers.
You can view all SPEC OMP results at
You can view all SPEC HPC2002 results at

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