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EWOMP 1999 - papers


The Future of OpenMP on IBM SMP Systems

John Levesque, IBM

Application development experiences:

Development and Performance of a Hybrid OpenMP/MPI Quantum Monte Carlo Code
1.1 Lorna Smith
, EPCC (papers)

Parallel Graph Coloring Algorithms using OpenMP
- (papers)
1.2 Assefaw Hadish, Gebremedhin and Fredrik Manne, University of Bergen

HPF to OpenMP on the Origin2000: A Case Study -(papers)
1.3 Leesa Brieger, Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia


OpenMP tools and implementations

2.1 Invited Talk, Laurent Hill, Simulog

ESPRIT Project POST -- Tools for OpenMP application development

OdinMP/CCp -- A Portable Implementation of OpenMP for C - (papers)
2.2 Christian Brunschen and Mats Brorsson, Lund University

NanosCompiler. A Research Platform for OpenMP extensions - (papers)
2.3 Eduard Ayguade, Marc Gonzalez, Jesus Labarta, Xavier Martorell, Nacho Navarro and Jose Oliver, Polytechnic University of Catalunya

Design of OpenMP Compiler for an SMP Cluster - (papers)
M. Sato, S. Satoh, K. Kusano and Y. Tanaka, TsukubaResearch Center, Real World Computing Partnership


OpenMP: An Implementor's Point of View

Ross Towle

Language evaluations and proposals

SPMD OpenMP vs MPI for Ocean Models - (papers)
3.1 Alan J. Wallcraft, Naval Research Laboratory, Stennis Space Center

Porting and Performance Evaluation of Irregular Codes using OpenMP - (papers)
3.2 Dixie Hisley, Punyam Satya-narayana, Gagan Agrawal* and Lori Pollock*, U.S. Army Research Lab, University of Delaware*

Flexible Control Structures for Parallel C/C++ - (papers)
3.3 Sanjiv Shah, Grant Haab, Paul Petersen and Joe Throop, Kuck & Associates Inc.


Comparison with other approaches

A comparison of OpenMP and MPI for the parallel CFD test case - (papers)
4.1 Michael Resch and Björn Sander, High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS)

Conjugate-Gradient Algorithms: an MPI-OpenMP Implementation on Distributed Shared Memory Systems - (papers)
4.2 Piero Lanucara and Sergio Rovida*, CASPUR, c/o Università "La Sapienza", Istituto di Analisi Numerica, CNR*

OpenMP vs. Threading in C/C++ - (papers)
4.3 Bob Kuhn, Paul Petersen and Eamon O'Toole*, Kuck & Associates Inc and Compaq Computer Corporation*


The OpenMP Architecture Review Board and the Future of OpenMP

OpenMP Performance studies

Performance Characteristics for OpenMP Constructs on Different Parallel Computer Architectures - (papers)
5.1 Guido Nieken and Rudolf Berrendorf, Research Center Jülich

Measuring Synchronisation and Scheduling Overheads in OpenMP - (papers)
5.2 J. M. Bull, EPCC

APART and OpenMP: A Challenging Step for Automatic Performance Analysis - (papers)
5.3 Thomas Fahringer1, Michael Gerndt2 and Wolfgang Nagel3, University of Vienna1, Research Center Jülich2, TU Dresden3

Panel discussion: Where is OpenMP going?


* Jean-Yves Berthou, Electricite de France
* John Levesque, IBM
* Wolfgang Nagel, TU Dresden
* Paul Petersen, KAI
* Michael Resch, HLRS Stuttgart


* Barbara Chapman, University of Southampton and University of Houston

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