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WOMPAT 2003 - proceedings (published by 'Springer')

OpenMP Support in the Inteltex2html_wrap_inline98 Thread Checker (1 - 12)
Paul Petersen and Sanjiv Shah

A C++ Infrastructure for Automatic Introduction and Translation of OpenMP Directives (13 - 25)
Dan Quinlan, Markus Schordan, Qing Yi, Bronis R. de Supinski

Analyses for the Translation of OpenMP Codes into SPMD Style with Array Privatization (26 - 41)
Zhenying Liu, Barbara Chapman, Yi Wen, Lei Huang, Lei Huang, Oscar Hernandez

A Runtime Optimization System for OpenMP (42 - 53)
Mihai Burcea and Michael J. Voss

A Practical OpenMP Compiler for System on Chips (54 - 68)
Feng Liu and Vipin Chaudhary

Evaluation of OpenMP for the Cyclops Multithreaded Architecture (69 - 83)
George Almasi, Eduard Ayguadé, Calin Cascaval, José Castanos, Jesus Labarta, Francisco Martínez, Xavier Martorell, José Moreira

Busy-Wait Barrier Synchronization Using Distributed Counters with Local Sensor (84 - 98)
Guansong Zhang, Francisco Martínez, Arie Tal, Bob Blainey

An OpenMP Implementation of Parallel FFT and Its Performance on IA-64 Processors (99 - 108)
Daisuke Takahashi, Mitsuhisa Sato, Taisuke Boku

OpenMP and Compilation Issue in Embedded Applications (109 - 121)
Jaegeun Oh, Seon Wook Kim, Chulwoo Kim

Parallelizing Parallel Rollout Algorithm for Solving Markov Decision Processes (122 - 136)
Seon Wook Kim and Hyeong Soo Chang

DMPL: An OpenMP DLL Debugging Interface (137 - 146)
James Cownie, John Del Signore, Bronis R. de Supinski, Karen Warren

Is the Schedule Clause Really Necessary in OpenMP? (147 - 160)
Eduard Ayguadé, Bob Blainey, Alejandro Duran, Jesus Labarta, Francisco Martinez, Xavier Martorell, Raul Silvera

Extended Overhead Analysis for OpenMP Performance Tuning (160 - 169)
Chen Yongjian, Wang Dingxing, Zheng Weimin

Supporting Realistic OpenMP Applications on a Commodity Cluster of Workstations (170 - 179)
Seung Jai Min, Ayon Basumallik, Rudolf Eigenmann

OpenMP Runtime Support for Clusters of Multiprocessors (180 - 194)
Panagiotis E. Hadjidoukas, Eleftherios D. Polychronopoulos, andTheodore S. Papatheodorou

An Evaluation of MPI and OpenMP Paradigms for Multi-Dimensional Data Remapping (195 - 210)
Yun He and Chris H.Q. Ding


Experiences Using OpenMP Based on Compiler Directed Software DSM on a PC Cluster (211 - 226)
Matthias Hess, Gabriele Jost, Matthias Müller, Matthias Müller, Roland Rühle


Managing C++ OpenMP Code and Its Exception Handling (227 - 243)
Shi-Jung Kao

Improving the Performance of OpenMP by Array Privatization (244 - 259)
Zhenying Liu, Barbara Chapman, Tien-Hsiung Weng, Oscar Hernandez

OpenMP Application Tuning Using Hardware Performance Counters (260 - 270)
Nils Smeds

Impressum Disclaimer
Dieter an Mey