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IBM XL C/C++ and Fortran Compilers for OpenMP

General Information about IBM XL Compilers

Features of the IBM implementation for OpenMP

  • OpenMP API Version 3.0 conformance
  • OMP_DYNAMIC support
  • Enhanced chuck size computation in GUIDED schedule
  • Thread stack size control
  • AFFINITY schedule kind
  • Thread binding to specified CPU
  • Performance tuning options to control "busy-wait" and "sleep" states in OpenMP run-time library
  • Dynamic profiling
  • SNAPSHOT directive/pragma for creating program points for storage visibility by flushing registers to memory
  • Option for providing debugging information
  • Autoparallelization to supplement parallelization of applications

Related Articles

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  • Alelandro Duran, Raúl Silvera, Julita Corbalan, Jesus Labarta: Runtime Adjustment of Parallel Nested Loops. WOMPAT 2004: 137-148
  • Guansong Zhang, Francisco Martínez, Arie Tal, Bob Blainey: Busy-Wait Barrier Synchronization Using Distributed Counters with Local Sensor. WOMPAT 2003: 84-98
  • Eduard Ayguade, Bob Blainey, Alejandro Duran, Jesus Labarta, Francisco Martinez, Zavier Martorell, Raúl Silvera: Is the Schedule Clause Really Necessary in OpenMP? WOMPAT 2003: 147-159

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