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Intel Compiler 9.0 (C++ and Fortran) for OpenMP


General Information about Intel Compilers

Features of the Intel OpenMP implementation

  • OpenMP 2.5 conforming
  • Nested parallelism
  • Workqueuing extension to OpenMP
  • Interoperability with POSIX and Windows threads
  • OMP_DYNAMIC support
  • Performance analysis via Intel Thread Profiler
  • Error Checking with the Intel Thread Checker (see below)

Related Articles

  • Xinmin Tian, Rakesh Krishnaiyer, Hideki Saito, Milind Girkar, Wei Li: Impact of Compiler-based Data-Prefetching Techniques on SPEC OMP Application Performance. IPDPS 2005
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  • Xinmin Tian, Milind Girkar, Sanjiv Shah, Douglas Armstrong, Ernesto Su, Paul Petersen: Compiler and Runtime Support for Running OpenMP Programs on Pentium-and Itanium-Architectures. HIPS 2003: 47-55
  • Xinmin Tian, Aart Bik, Milind Girkar, Paul Grey, Hideki Saito and Ernesto Su: Intel OpenMP C++/Fortran Compiler for Hyper-Threading Technology: Implementation and Performance, Vol 6, No.1, pp.36-46, 2002.

Error Checking

With the Intel Thread Checker you can
  • Isolate threading bugs to the source code line where the bug occurs. See where affected variables get used by the threads and where the variables are declared.
  • Learn possible causes of threading errors and suggested solutions with one-click diagnostic help.
  • Use Intel Thread Checker within the Microsoft Visual Studio* .NET development environment.
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