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Compilers - Freeware

Intel C++/Fortran Compiler
for Linux. These compilers are free for academics.

INTONE project
A prototype version of Fortran and C compilers, as well as runtime support library for OpenMP

Nanos NanosCompiler is a source-to-source parallelizing compiler for OpenMP applications written in Fortran 77

OdinMP A free, Portable OpenMP Implementation for C. Developed at The Department of Information Technology, Lund University, Sweden

OdinMP2 an upgrade to the open-source OdinMP distribution that supports OpenMP 2.5 (except threadprivate). The upgrade converts the runtime to Posix Threads on both Apple/Intel OS/X and Windows XP. The distribution also contains a conformance test for OpenMP.

Omni It is a collection of programs and libraries (in C and Java) that allows researchers to build code transformation systems (compilers). Omni OpenMP compiler is a part of this software that translates C and Fortran77 programs with OpenMP pragmas into C code suitable for compiling with a native compiler linked with the Omni OpenMP runtime library.

OMPi OMPi is a light and portable source-to-source OpenMP compiler for C, conforming to version 2.0 of the specifications

OpenUH is an open source compiler suite for OpenMP 2.5 in conjunction with C, C++, and Fortran 77/90 (and some Fortran 95) and the IA-64
Linux ABI and API standards.

SLIRP is a vectorizing wrapper generator aimed at creating modules for the S-Lang interpreter.
A distinguishing feature of SLIRP is that it can generate parallelizable wrappers for OpenMP-aware compilers, enabling simplified use of OpenMP from a powerful scripting language well suited for scientific and engineering work

Sun Studio Compiler and Tools for Linux and Solaris. These compilers are for free.

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