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Tools and Support


Listed below are some of the tools used for debugging, analyzing and for performance evaluation of OpenMP programs

Tool and Description

Opari portable source-to-source translation tool which instruments OpenMP applications with POMP monitoring calls (POMP: proposed OpenMP monitoring interface standard)

Total View Multiprocess debugger and analyzer from Etnus

Speedshop An integrated package of performance tools to run and examine performance of executables

Perfex A command line interface to processor event counters Prints out the hardware performance counters after the given command is executed

MPM Graphically displays the placement of memory pages of shared-memory applications on the nodes of a parallel machine

SvPablo A Graphical Source Code Browser for Performance Tuning and Visualization, Project at UIUC, supports interactive instrumentation of C, F77, F90 programs

Intel Thread Checker A compilation and analysis system that executes your program and automatically locates multithreading errors. The Thread Checker is the succor of the Assure Thread Analyser.

Tool for performance analysis and visualization of (mixed) OpenMP and MPI parallel applications. Distributed by CEPBA-UPC

VivaMP is a commercial product by OOO "Program Verification Systems" which is a static source code analyzer. The analyzer is intended for detecting errors in parallel programs in which OpenMP technology is used. VivaMP supports C and C++ languages and is intended for diagnosing Windows applications.


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