The cOMPunity website provide up-to-date information

cOMPunity is the community of OpenMP researchers and developers in academia and industry. It is a forum for the dissemination and exchange of information about OpenMP. cOMPunity is also a forum for discussing our experiences with this programming API and for debating ideas that might improve it. 
cOMPunity was formally incorporated as a non-profit organization on November 14, 2001

OpenMPwas developed by a consortium of computer vendors to enable the creation of portable, high-level shared memory parallel programs under Fortran, C and C++.

The cOMPunity website will provide up-to-date information on OpenMP-related news and events. It is a repository of resources for learning about OpenMP, reading about the experiences of application developers who use the language, and for finding out about recent research activities. It will also be the site for obtaining OpenMP freeware and benchmarks.

We welcome contributions on all of the above.
For comments, suggestions and contributions concerning the web site feel free to contact the webmaster.

IWOMP 2006 Reims, France, June 12-15 2006

IWOMP is the consolidation of three OpenMP workshops: the European Workshop on OpenMP (EWOMP), the Workshop on OpenMP Applications and Tools (WOMPAT), and the Workshop on OpenMP Experiences and Implementation (WOMPEI).

IWOMP 2005, which was the first meeting of the combined workshops, took place in Eugene, Oregon, USA. IWOMP 2006 will continue this series in Reims, FRANCE. The workshop will be a great opportunity for learning more about OpenMP, for practical experience and interaction between OpenMP users and developers.

Organizers of the IWOMP 2006 have announced the agenda for OMPlab, the hands-on laboratory portion of the meeting. OMPlab is to be held at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne during the second half of IWOMP (June 14-15), following a two-day schedule of keynote speeches, technical paper presentations, and panel discussions. 
The mission of OMPlab is to provide OpenMP users of all experience levels an opportunity to increase their knowledge and effective use of the OpenMP API for shared-memory parallel programming. OMPlab will offer parallel sessions over a two-day period that will include a beginner’s tutorial introduction to OpenMP, an advanced OpenMP introduction, case studies of OpenMP usage and effectiveness in real world applications, and exposure to the latest offerings in OpenMP-targeted development tools. The OMPlab agenda, along with latest updates, can be found here.

OpenMP Version 2.5 Specification Released

May 2005. The OpenMP ARB has announced the release of the Version 2.5 specification. 
The goal of Version 2.5 was to combine the Fortran and C/C++ specifications into a single one and to fix inconsistencies. No new language features have been added, but substantial rewriting has taken place to improve the clarity of the specification.